Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Toile Christmas Stocking

I am so excited that Christmas is just around the corner!! What, you say we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet? Well, the day after Thanksgiving is when Christmas starts and that is only 2 weeks away!!

And so, my love affair with Toile continues into a Christmas project. A few posts back I shared my passion for this glorious stuff and a frenchy tea towel. Today I made a sweet stocking to grace the armoire in my dining room.

Everything on my stocking was procured from my stash of goodies. Love it when I can dig through my stuff and find just what I need to complete a project! Especially since Maddy is sound asleep and it's 11:00 pm. When my husband was alive, he was used to me frequently popping out the door to Walmart at this time of night or even later. I am a night owl by nature and they're open 24 hours. Where else can you buy ribbon, fabric or lace at 2:00 in the morning??? But those midnight runs are a thing of the past and a girl's gotta make do.

The sweet little frame is meant for a scrapbook page but I think it is charming with my initial in it, hanging from a tiny black bow. I love it!!

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  1. Oh my that is soooo cute! I've been tossing around ideas on making my stockings this year and this may be the winner! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. This is so pretty, I think every girl needs a toile stocking :).

  3. I think I need that cute little toile stocking in my home : )
    I love it and I am your newest follower in from Kim's

  4. I love toile, so of course I love this! Thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm a new follower, btw!


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