Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Deals

Do you have a Real Deals where you live?  I am absolutely in love with this store!  Today's Black Friday Sale was so cool.  First off, I had purchased a  Groupon which got me a $30 gift certificate for $15.  (Groupon is great, every day you get one incredible offer for a business in your area.  Check it out!)

Being sensible business owners, the Real Deals Door Buster sale began at the civilized hour of 10:00 am.  Maddy and I got there at 9:30 and were number 22 & 23 in line.  YAY!  First 25 in line received goodie bags with $5 store cash and lots of other treats.  The also had some amazing specials.

So for $30 I ended up getting over $70 in awesome stuff!  Here's a pic of part of my haul:

The birdcage, cloche, fluer de lis and basket are for myself.  The tray is a Christmas present for my daughter.  The little votives, ribbon and popcorn/cranberry ornaments were in our goodie bags.  I also got a scrumptious candle. 

The other day my daughter bought me this charming wire cloche there for my birthday.  Love it!!!!  They always have some new, gorgeous item I must have!

Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend.  I just finished putting up one Christmas tree and am trying to summon the energy to do the other.  We'll see.   



  1. The tray is just beautiful and I am loving your cloche. I love wire anything!!

    You have a lot of energy, Renee. I am still stuffed from yesterday and not much in the mood to put up a tree!! Can't wait to see photos of it!


  2. Renee, you definitely had a successful black Friday! I can't believe you got all those beautiful things for $30! I love that basket with the liner.


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