Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Carpe Diem!

I've been working on a few fun projects lately and one of my faves is this clock I made for a special man in my life. It was a gift for his birthday. I really enjoy altering clocks and have shared a few like this one and this one on the blog.
I started my project by searching for just the right clock to alter. I had hoped to find a vintage clock at the thrift stores because of the weight and better quality in older pieces. But no luck in my search. I ended up settling for a BH&G wall clock I found at Walmart.
When looking for a clock to alter, take into consideration how you'll gain access to the face.  Some clocks have a glass or acrylic face that will pop off.  This particular piece did not have that feature so I unscrewed the back and removed it completely to be able to get at the hands.  I carefully removed all three hands and then got to work on designing my new face. 

I have a clock face template I found on the web awhile back that I love to work with.  The tricky part is making the exact size of your clock face you are covering.  I use MicroSoft Digital Image Pro software to create my designs and even though it SAYS you are using the exact dimensions you specify on the ruler, it usually is off just a bit.  So let's just say I had a few LOTS of prototypes before I got it as close to perfect as possible.   I printed the new face on a parchment looking card stock.
The other challenge is cutting out a perfect circle for the clock stem in the center of your project.  I used a hollow punch set like this one that I got at Harbor Freight Tool Supply.  Let me tell you, that is a store for boys!  But I have found quite a few useful, crafty items there.  And they always have a coupon in their flyer at the door!


When adhering the design to the face be sure to use a dry type adhesive.  You don't want any moisture on the design that might cause bubbling or warping.

Here is my finished piece.  He loved it, by the way!   The design features a favorite quote ~ 'Carpe Diem', his name and the year in Roman numerals.

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