My Best Money Saving Tip

Who doesn't love free?  I am a bargain shopping, deal finding machine!  About a year ago I was introduced to Swag Bucks.   I had never heard of it but I had several friends try it and seeing them rack up free gift cards made me decide this was worth a look.   

Basically, Swag Bucks is a search engine similar to Google. You just sign up, download the tool bar and use it to surf just like you would on Google or Yahoo. As you search, you'll randomly earn Swag Bucks, which you can redeem for Free Gift Cards for Starbucks, Target, Macy's, Amazon and so much more.  You can also earn by doing surveys, polls, playing games... lots of ways.

Since joining last May, I have earned over $350 in FREE gift cards! I did a lot of my Christmas shopping for FREE and now I am earning Southwest Airlines cards~ saving up for vacation!

When you tell your friends and family about Swag Bucks and they try it, you earn bucks whenever they do. It is truly an amazing deal. Absolutely free and no strings.

Here's a LINK to a news story about Swag Bucks and you can start earning today by clicking here .  Good luck and have fun!