Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Words That Soothe Old Hurts

Well, I finally got my voice back and have moved on to the 'up all night coughing' stage of this fun virus.  Hopefully I am turning a corner!

The other night I hosted Bunco at my house and it was really fun, even though I couldn't talk above a whisper because of the laryngitis.  I had made quite a few changes to my decor since the last time I had the bunco gals over and I got a lot of really wonderful compliments.  One sweet friend said "I just want to go around and take pictures of all the great ideas!  I've seen some things on the blog but it is so fun to come see it in person!" 

Later that night I was sitting and reflecting over the evening and I thought about how much those compliments and comments had affected me.  They were truly a balm to my heart and salve on old hurts. 

They say a woman's sense of how she feels about herself comes from her home and a man's from his job.  I think this is very true.  When I married my late husband I was just 20 years old.  On our wedding day I moved from my parents home to the house he lived in, a rental of his parents.  My husband was a Christian school teacher and made the lofty sum of $600 a month!!  A few months before our wedding, the school he worked at decided to close their doors.  It took him 6 months to find a new teaching position after we were married.  I was working at a daycare and we survived on unemployment, odd jobs and generous parents. 

The house we rented from his parents was nice but every single stick of furniture in the house was a hand-me-down from his parents or mine.  We were grateful to have it, but nothing matched, nothing was fun or attractive, it was just depressing.  Several of my friends had married around the same time and some through debt, others through two good paying jobs, managed to have houses full of beautiful things.  I tried to be content and I tried not to be ashamed when we had people over.  But I hurt.  I used to think "I would be thrilled to have just one thing, ONE thing that they have."  But we made do and I learned to be the frugal queen! 

You see, my husband had found a new job at last~making $800 a month!  Baby #1 was on the way and 22 months later a baby sister.  We struggled financially but there were LOTS of blessings and we always survived somehow. The greatest blessing over the years as our family grew was that I was able to be home with our kids and my children were all able to go to  wonderful Christian schools free of charge!  When it was time for college~ TONS of scholarship money and grants were received because of the great prep they received at those schools. 

Hubby climbed the ladder and wound up as superintendent of a large school.  We bought our first home, I started a business and the money was good.  We traveled some, bought nice furniture and fun things for the kids.  I had a pretty house and was no longer ashamed of my home but funny how you never forget those feelings of hurt and insecurity.

In 2004, my husband was diagnosed with cancer.  He died 3 years later and I am now raising our youngest, twelve year old Maddy, alone.   The days of plenty of money are over and I am back to being the Queen of frugality.  I am content with where I am and so grateful to God for His provision.  I sometimes remember with longing the days of free spending and then I quickly remind myself of those who have lost everything ~in Japan and so many other places. I AM BLESSED!  And I have learned to decorate again on a shoestring~thrifting, repurposing and creating.  Buying a new couch is really fun, but the satisfaction of making over a $5 chair from Goodwill~ Priceless! 

A few weeks ago Maddy turned to me and said "Mom, our house is cute!"  Those words and the comments of my friends the other night are like a sweet ointment on those old hurts.   Getting to share them with my dear blogger friends is a joy as well.  Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's a Magazine Rack. Or is it?

I love finding uses for things other than what they were meant for.  I also love 'shopping' my house, finding things in one room I can take into another and use in a different way.  One favorite piece is this white magazine rack.  In it's former life it was in my bathroom holding some good reading material.  But I looked at it one day and thought it would look lovely showcasing some white plates and frames.  

I really love it against the soft green wall.   I made the little framed print from a graphic from, you guessed it, the Graphics Fairy.  What would I do without her lovely blog and all the fabulous freebies she has for the taking?  Perish the thought!  

Thanks for visiting!  Come back soon, I have a really fun project in the works!  It's an vintage suitcase that's in for a big transformation. 

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

White Vignette

Happy Weekend!  Hope you are having a good one, doing things you love with people you love.  Tonight we are celebrating my oldest grandson Jamin (who just turned 6) and my dear daughter in law Holly's birthdays with a big family dinner and game night.  I am blessed by such a wonderful family and thankful they all live close by.  Can't wait!  I am making Italian Beef, Pasta Salad and Wild Rice Salad.  Yum!

I wanted to show you a little vignette I did this week.  I did some more transferring to fabric with the CitraSolv and then instead of making a pillow, I framed it.  So happy with the results!  Love the look of the grain sack fabric against the white frame!

Okay, back to cooking for my feast tonight!  Have a great weekend and I would be thrilled if you would leave some comment love!  Linking up to the fun parties below.


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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Scrappy Little Project!

Good morning.  I am so excited!!  I just ordered a new sewing machine from Amazon!!!!  My trusty old machine is on it's last legs.  It was a birthday gift from my late husband when I was a young bride over 25 years ago and I have used it so much.  But now I will have a snazzy new machine with drop in bobbin, automatic threading and 1 step button holing!! The really amazingly cool thing is it only cost me $16 out of pocket because of SwagBucks.  I won't go into a lot of detail here but click the link for more info.  You won't believe what I have earned for free this past year!

Anyway, I have been sewing a lot lately and had a lot scraps of this fun 'burlapy' fabric so I decided to make myself a cute pincushion.

Here I have a scrap of fabric, my french script stamp, StazOn ink and a frenchy looking little cup I found at GW.

First I stamped my fabric all over with the script.  I love this stamp!!!

Then I used a glass tray as a pattern to cut a circle about 8" across.

After tracing and cutting out my circle,  I ran a gathering stitch around the edge and stuffed with polyfill.

I pulled it tight and tied off, then added a line of hot glue around the inner edge of the cup about 1/2 " down.  Press the pincushion down into the cup and waaalaaaa....


Sorry for the blurry pic!  I reall need to start saving my SwagBucks for a new camera!! 

Have a great week and I would love to hear your comments!  See you at the fun parties below.



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Sunday, March 13, 2011


This weekend I've been making more of the grain sack pillows using the CitraSolv method of transferring images.   You can find all the details about that here.  So fun!  While I was waiting for some pillow fabric to finish in the dryer I had an idea. 

I found this cute little table at Goodwill last week.  It was calling my name!  So I took it home and couldn't wait to do something fun with it.

For some reason the previous owner had painted the edges with gold spray paint??  I gave it a coat of primer and then finished it with Heirloom White.  And so it sat until today when my CitraSolv fumed brain thought I might try transferring an image to wood.   My main concern was would the solvent eat through the paint?  It is strong stuff!  But I figured I can always repaint it, right?

So I took my image (from the Graphics Fairy) and taped it down like so, then dabbed on the CitraSolv.

My first attempt at burnishing made a mess, it just smeared all over.  So wiped it off and reapplied with a lighter application and pressed the image gently, instead of rubbing like you do on fabric.

The result is a bit distressed looking, but that was my goal~ so it just saved me some sanding!!  I am in love with the finished project!!!

I wish I had a halfway decent camera so you could see how good it really looks!!  I'll keep you posted on how the painted surface likes CitraSolv.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hoo Are You?

Linking up to the Hoo Are You Party over at Night Owl Crafting!

1. What are a couple of your favorite green foods?
Asparagus and Brussell Sprouts.  Yep, I love them!

2. Do you decorate for St. Patrick's Day?
Not really

3. Do you have Irish in you?

No, I'm a Scot and proud of it!

4. Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

I wear green and have been known to cook a Corned Beef!

5.Use one word that represents each letter in the word LUCK in your life!

Go join the fun!!