Friday, October 29, 2010


I love toile.  I mean, I seriously LOVE this stuff.  It makes me feel all Jane Austen and I can't get enough of it.
So a few days ago I found it on sale and I had a coupon.  Now here I am.  On my third toile project in 3 days.  Is that bad? ;-)
The other day Maddy said "Mom, that dish towel doesn't match your new look", referring to my blue and brown latte towel that was hanging on the oven door.  She was right.  So  I had an idea for my toile and I am so happy with the results. 
I took a black waffle weave dish towel and a piece of my precious toile. 

I cut a strip about 1.5 times the width of my towel and about 5 inches wide.  After making a simple ruffle I sewed it to the towel and now have this pretty towel on my oven door. 

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bon Appetit!

I've had a fun day off!  After taking Maddy to school I came back and did some blog hopping. So many great ideas out there! Then I decided to finish the sign I've been working on for my kitchen window sill.

The sign is one I've had for a while. It used to say 'mia cucina'.  I wanted to do something new but couldn't decide what.  I finally settled on Bon Appetit. (I know, how original!)  I repainted it in white and then used carbon paper to trace my printed design on the wood.   Being that I am a font-aholic, it took me forever to choose which one to use.  I have seriously downloaded hundreds of fonts from all over the internet.  You just can't have too many!  This one is called Edwardian Script. 

I filled in the lettering with black paint and added a fluer de lis. I love it!!!

The whole window is a new look. I recently made the new valance and found the cute little crystal urns at Michael's. The rooster was on clearance at Joann's. It was copper but a coat of black paint and it is tres frenchy! 

After the sign was finished and I did some housework (YUCK!) I headed out to do some thrifting.  I found some great frames and a plate rack at GWO and some glassware for a holiday display I am working on. 

My last stop was Joann's for some fabric.  This beautiful toile was on sale:

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Le Bistro Board

I love hitting the thrift stores. It is seriously therapy for me. I love the thrill of a find and you never know what will turn up.  But one thing we are sorely lacking in the Pacific Northwest are good flea markets.  I see all the blog posts about the great finds on the east coast and I am so jealous!!  Oh well,  c'est la vie!

This week I found a couple of great little items at the Goodwill outlet. A really beautiful ornate frame and this funky little chalkboard. It definitely has seen better days. It was dinged up and scratched but I could see the potential.

When I got it home and took it apart I discovered it was a magnetic chalkboard.  Love it!  I gave the wood frame a few coats of satin black spray paint.  I love the Krylon paint.  It goes on so smooth.  Then I got my trusty Rustoleum Chalkboard paint and redid the board.

Next was a visit to one of my favorite spots for inspiration~  the  Graphics Fairy.  She has the most wonderful collection of free vintage clip art.  Search 'French' and you'll find 150+ images!  I found this lovely graphic:

I also played around a bit and came up with my own design in MS DIP.  So what do you think?  Is the Graphic Fairy image to busy?  How about my design?  I love them both and just can't decide.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

French Cottage Chic~ Crown Prints

I found these little frames while thrifting and just fell in love. So sweetly ornate, so tiny, so charming. But alas, they were also so GOLD. But thanks to the wonder of spray paint, they are gold no more!

This is how they looked pre-transformation:

They are tiny~ about 4 inches square.  I took them outside and sprayed with Rustoleum's Heirloom White.  Such a creamy, dreamy color. 

Then I went to my computer and made my design in MS Digital Image Pro.

After printing, cutting and a little trimming we have the finished product.

As much as I love them, and I do, these little treasures are destined for  my ETSY shoppe, which means they can be yours!  I hope you'll visit my store today. 

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shabby Little Cloche

A few posts back I shared a dessert stand I had made.  I have a new one decorating my kitchen table and this time I have added a cloche.  For those of you who are not decor blog junkies, a cloche is a glass cover originally used to protect outdoor plants from the cold.  But they are also used creatively to showcase any artfully arranged decor. 

We begin with this gorgeous white plate.  I found it at the Goodwill Outlet.  It still had a $6.99 Goodwill price tag on it but at the outlet all glassware is 39 cents a pound.  So it cost me about a dime!!  LOVE THAT PLACE!  The candle stick I had forever and I picked up the cloche while thrifting for $1.50.  (It was a cheese cover in it's former life.)

Close up the pretty plate:

Start by marking on the back of your plate where you will attach your candlestick.  Add a line of our amazing E6000 glue to each surface.  Allow to cure about 5 minutes before attaching.  Press together firmly, turn upright and THIS IS IMPORTANT, don't even LOOK at it for 2 days.  Let it dry thoroughly before touching or moving in any way.

Now we add 2 sweet little white birds I picked up on clearance at Pier One last year, a bit of green berry garland and our cloche.

Here is a link to  Thrifty Decor Chic's great blog where she has some gorgeous cloches for your viewing pleasure.  Thanks for visiting and please leave some comment love!

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