Sunday, April 24, 2011

IKEA Clock Transformation

Don't you just love IKEA?  We finally got one closer than 3 hours away and I just love to shop there.  You never know what fun, quirky thing you'll find.  A lot of their stuff is way too modern looking for my vintage style but there are lots of things that work or can be made to work! 

This little clock for example.  At just a $1.99, it's a veritable canvas, waiting to be transformed!

The first step is to pop off the clear cover.  You can do this by carefully slipping a thin butter knife under the edge and prying up gently.  Then you'll remove the hands and lay them aside for later. 

Now you'll design a clock face.  You can use pretty scrapbook paper, photos or make a design like I've done here.  I used my software MS DIP and a fun bird graphic by Rhonna Farrer along with some added text~ Take time to enjoy the process.   A good reminder I think. 

After measuring my clock face, I cut my design to fit and used the original clock face's hour numbers as a guide to place my new hour markers~ some fun little bling gems in clear and pink.

The last step is to replace the hands, (I left off the red second hand, it just didn't work with my color scheme) and the clear cover.  All done!

This clock hangs in my craft studio, which is done in a pink, white and brown color palette.  Love it!

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  1. This is great! I have the exact same clock that I've been staring at, trying to decide what to do with. This might just inspire me to get to work on it. Thanks!

  2. I still have not been to oldies..Nice project and post.Thank you for sharing.

  3. Renee, what a wonderful re-do! Love this great transformation. I wanted to tell you how excited my cousin was to receive the bag! Thanks for helping me with that surprise!

  4. What a sweet idea! I feel the same about Ikea...lots of inexpensive blank canvases there! Your took that clock from snooze-fest to boutique chic! Nice work! I am delighted to follow you! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Visiting from Pink Postcard!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  5. I bet there will be a run on the clocks at IKEA after everyone see's your transformation. Great idea thinking out of the box. Thanks for sharing.

  6. me too! I never could make the long trip north- so nice to have one closer. This is so adorable. Nice transformation- from ordinary to so cute!! thanks for linking up :)

  7. Cute redo! It looks so much better now!!

  8. I did this with my ikea clock (and painted the outside of it because I'd boght the blue one and decided I later wanted it to be brown) but afterwards it never worked as it was supposed to. :( Hope you have better luck because yours is adorable - love the rhinestones!


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