Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Traditions

So excited for Easter tomorrow!  How about you?  It's such a special day to me.  I love celebrating the Resurrection and being reminded that because of Christ, we have that blessed hope, knowing we'll see loved ones again.
I also love the fun side of Easter.  I always looked forward to dyeing eggs with my kids and now share that tradition with my sweet grandjoys.  This year I did break it into groups though~ 4 kids under six and dye is a dangerous mix!  But it was so fun and brought back lots of memories of when their parents were little.

Maddy is at the perfect age to be a helper.  I have to laugh because when my 3 older kids were small, money was so tight that I always made and stuffed their Easter baskets myself.  They would always ask for the ones already made up in the store but I just couldn't afford it.  Now that Maddy is the only one left to buy for, the last couple of years I bought her one of the coveted store made baskets.  And this year she said "Mom, will you just make me a REAL Easter basket this year?"  LOL, kids!
Have a blessed day tomorrow with those you love!


  1. It looks like we used the same kit!

    Many blessings for a wonderful Easter, Renee!


  2. I love dying the eggs! What a lovely family you have!


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