Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More Vinyl Decor Projects

I am having a love affair with the French language! It's so fun to play around with words and script and I have put them on pillows, plates, signs... such a beautiful language.

The other night Maddy came in my office while I was working and listening to music on my playlist, (La Vie En Rose). She said "Why are you listening to that music in French?" I said because I like it. She then says "But how do you know they're not saying bad words?" LOL, I had to assure her it was a nice song. Kids her age (12) see things in such black and white.

Just wanted to share a couple of quickie projects I did the other night with my Cricut and some vinyl scraps. I love the SCAL software, which I blogged about here .

The first is a little green plate with, you guessed it, FRENCH words!

Then just a fun little coaster made on a tile.  Super easy and quick and so many possibilities~ a monogram, seasonal images ...  the SCAL software lets you cut any font or dingbat on your computer.  I have also found tons of free SVG files that you can cut.  The other night I googled SVG Eiffel Tower and found several to download and cut.

Thanks for stopping by!  Come back soon, I am almost ready to share the darling little side table I have madeover in Heirloom White.  She's a cutie!

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  1. Love that wee green french plate! I need to learn more about a Cricut and see if I would benefit from something like this. I'm not much of a crafter, like you, but you always seem to be able to do so much with it.

  2. Renee,
    LOVE that green french plate...I'm so jealous...I don't have a CRICUT:( Hope you are having a fun day.


  3. I actually feel like I am pretty crafty,
    ;-) just not good at hand lettering, stencilling, etc.. The cricut makes it so easy to cut any lettering or design for signs and things. Love it!!

  4. Your plate and coaster are pretty! I love everything French too! I want to get that software and a circuit.

    I love your new blog header and wallpaper!

  5. you have such a cute blog, love the green background. Your plate came out so pretty, can't wait to try making one for my kitchen. French is such a romantic language, who wouldn't just love it. I tried taking it in High School but there were so many cute boys in my class, I had trouble concentrating and therefore, didn't learn a thing...pity.

    Hope you're having a great day!


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