Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shabby Little Cloche

A few posts back I shared a dessert stand I had made.  I have a new one decorating my kitchen table and this time I have added a cloche.  For those of you who are not decor blog junkies, a cloche is a glass cover originally used to protect outdoor plants from the cold.  But they are also used creatively to showcase any artfully arranged decor. 

We begin with this gorgeous white plate.  I found it at the Goodwill Outlet.  It still had a $6.99 Goodwill price tag on it but at the outlet all glassware is 39 cents a pound.  So it cost me about a dime!!  LOVE THAT PLACE!  The candle stick I had forever and I picked up the cloche while thrifting for $1.50.  (It was a cheese cover in it's former life.)

Close up the pretty plate:

Start by marking on the back of your plate where you will attach your candlestick.  Add a line of our amazing E6000 glue to each surface.  Allow to cure about 5 minutes before attaching.  Press together firmly, turn upright and THIS IS IMPORTANT, don't even LOOK at it for 2 days.  Let it dry thoroughly before touching or moving in any way.

Now we add 2 sweet little white birds I picked up on clearance at Pier One last year, a bit of green berry garland and our cloche.

Here is a link to  Thrifty Decor Chic's great blog where she has some gorgeous cloches for your viewing pleasure.  Thanks for visiting and please leave some comment love!

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  1. What a sweet arrangement! Those birds are adorable under the cloche.

  2. Dear Renee ~ your cloche looks beautiful! You are very creative! Have a wonderful weekend ~ Lisa

  3. The birds are very sweet! I could see this sitting on an antique dresser. Looks beautiful!


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