Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bon Appetit!

I've had a fun day off!  After taking Maddy to school I came back and did some blog hopping. So many great ideas out there! Then I decided to finish the sign I've been working on for my kitchen window sill.

The sign is one I've had for a while. It used to say 'mia cucina'.  I wanted to do something new but couldn't decide what.  I finally settled on Bon Appetit. (I know, how original!)  I repainted it in white and then used carbon paper to trace my printed design on the wood.   Being that I am a font-aholic, it took me forever to choose which one to use.  I have seriously downloaded hundreds of fonts from all over the internet.  You just can't have too many!  This one is called Edwardian Script. 

I filled in the lettering with black paint and added a fluer de lis. I love it!!!

The whole window is a new look. I recently made the new valance and found the cute little crystal urns at Michael's. The rooster was on clearance at Joann's. It was copper but a coat of black paint and it is tres frenchy! 

After the sign was finished and I did some housework (YUCK!) I headed out to do some thrifting.  I found some great frames and a plate rack at GWO and some glassware for a holiday display I am working on. 

My last stop was Joann's for some fabric.  This beautiful toile was on sale:

I've got something fun planned with it so check back soon!  Linking up to the parties below.  



  1. Very cute sign ~ your display has all come together nicely! I have an affair with fonts as well. Have a great day and I'll be looking out for your toile project.

  2. Lovely area-the sign just makes it come together!

  3. I love the font on your sign too. Your kitchen window is beautiful with the black and white French style accessories!


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