Thursday, August 8, 2013

Happily Ever After...

Where has the time gone? I have neglected my poor blog for so long and if anyone is out there still reading ... thank you!!! What happened? Well~it goes like this:

Widowed mama meets the most wonderful man on the planet and falls in love. Time spent blogging is now spent with Mr. Wonderful, on the phone at night, on dates, all free time is happily devoted to time together.

We married on March 1 of this year on a magical evening. Life is so good, praise the Lord! Then this most amazing of men says "Hey, you know you don't have to keep working if you don't want to."

WHAT?? I can return to the place my heart so longs to be full time? Home? Homemaker? YES!!!! So here we are and I hope to return to blogging. The creative juices are flowing and I am having so much fun! So stay tuned! A few wedding pics...

The whole family: 6 kids and 9 grandkids!

All the grandjoys!

My youngest daughter was my Maid of Honor

My handsome groom!

Our gorgeous cake!

My sister and daughter were Matron and Maid of Honor.


  1. Oh my gosh, what a lovely love story! Congratulations!!! You're a beautiful bride:)

  2. We're still here! Congratulations to you and your new Mr Wonderful


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