Sunday, September 26, 2010


I had fun last week making a beautiful chalkboard for my kitchen.  If you've never tried the Chalkboard paint, go get some today!  You can make anything a chalkboard.  It's available in spray and cans.

I started with this picture.

The dimensions are about 16x20.  I got it for a dollar at a thrift store.  I loved the frame.  Here's a close up of the detailing, really pretty.

I saved the botanical print that was in it, who knows what it will end up as!   First step is removing the glass.  I am using this paint, about $3.99 at the hardware store. (sorry for the blurry pic)

I took my glass outside and gave it 3 coats of paint a few minutes apart.  It dries really fast.  Here is the finished piece.

Another very cool find are these chalkboard ink markers.  Easy to write with and they wipe off with a damp cloth.  They can write on glass, metal, etc..  About $10 at Michaels's, but of course I had a 50% off coupon!!

You can truly make a chalkboard on anything~ a children's tabletop, a sign, a platter, a cookie sheet (then it will be a magnetic chalkboard!!), the possibilites are endless!   Maddy begged me to let her spray the back of her bedroom door, making it into a huge chalkboard.  Ummmm, NO!  She had to settle for a picture frame.  Whatever crafty things she sees me doing she is now wanting to try, it's fun. 

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  1. I am working on a chalkboard for my kitchen right now! I found an old calendar holder at the thriftstore I am turning into a menu board. I also made some chalkboard labels for some baskets in my home. It's addicting! There are all kinds of things I want to turn into a chalkboard now!

  2. I posted a chalkboard this week too. They are addictive because they're so easy and inexpensive.

  3. Hi Renee - I saw your comment on my blog. If you go to Cottage Instincts, right click on the Make it 4 Monday image and save it to your hard drive. Then go to your post and insert the saved logo.


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